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To “Know Him” Is Worth the Pain #1

A virtuoso is defined as a person supremely skilled in music or another artistic pursuit.  Many of America’s cultural and entertainment icons are virtuoso’s. These virtuoso types leave no shortage of moments that inspire. If given a little bit of … Continue reading

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Blood Blessings: Peace (Colossians 1:19-21)

Thus far we have discovered two wonderful blessings which flow from Jesus shed blood… We are freed and Redeemed We are forgiven through His shed Blood In today’s post we will consider a third blessing, that of having peace with … Continue reading

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The Best of Intentions, are not Good Enough!

I have recently been reminded, very loudly, that having the best of intentions in living for Christ, is of little value, if we do not properly execute those intentions. In 20 years of following Christ, I can say, that I … Continue reading

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Blood Blessings: Forgiven (Ephesians 1:7)

Thus far in this series on the power and blessing of Jesus’ blood, we have discovered why the only true God chose blood of the Messiah to deal with humanity’s sin and sought to understand the first of four Blood … Continue reading

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