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Can Christian’s be Possessed by Demons? (A response to and Article)

Below is a response I wrote on Facebook concerning a popular Bible teacher’s proclamation that Christians cannot be possessed with demons. Please leave comments, as a healthy reasoning from the scriptures is a good thing. RESPONSE TO CAN CHRISTIANS BE … Continue reading

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Baby It’s Cold Outside… Rejecting a Kingdom of Comfort.

Recently there was controversy regarding an iconic winter holiday song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. The controversy centered around a particular artist changing the lyrics, which were originally written in 1944. The lyrical change did little if anything to change the … Continue reading

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When Shining Your LIGHT Gets You Clobbered… Shine Your Light Even More!

I mean come on, who does not love the Beatitudes? They are fantastic teaching from our Lord Jesus Christ and we followers of the Lord Jesus Christ ought to prayerfully pursue living them out by the power of the Holy … Continue reading

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