Our Silly and Sinful Musings About Suicide (“Say Hello To Heaven”) #3

voices_in_my_head_by_maticha92The picture to my left is a terrifying reality for many people, who merely want to live in peace. As I revealed in part #2 of this series, I had demonic voices telling me to hurt others and myself. So personal were the suggestions I began to believe the lies that I was evil; from that belief I formulated the world, my fiance, and my family would be better off without me. In fact I believed they did not want me around at all. Blessed be the God of heaven who spoke through the screaming demoinc wall of sound, on that day, “If you kill yourself, you’ll meet God as a murderer”. Today we will look at two further truths concerning suicide, but before diving in let’s remember the two truths about suicide we covered last time 1) Suicide is Murder 2) Suicide is the Pinnacle of Unbelief.

(If you have not read both or one of the previous parts of this article feel free to do so now by clicking on Part #1 or Part #2)


If a person is on the way to ending their God-given life, they are listening to demonic spirits from Satan’s kingdom. we often forget that Satan is the father of lies, who comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 8:44, 10:10). Therefore the basis of all temptation are the enemies lies through his fallen and demonic make_the_voices_stop_by_insanitys_sanity-d3lcfnscohort, and spoken to our sinful proclivities. In their lies they appeal to our natural born selfishness (“flesh” or “old man”).

This appeal will move us away from God’s clear written or spoken command, the real-time leading of the Holy Spirit, and our God given conscience. Therefore we understand that appeals from demons (through injected thoughts), seek to create a justification for taking our life into our own hands, . In this the enemy employs fallen angels, demons, and satanically aligned human culture, filled with men and women, who put forth his lies to be the “truth” people believe. It must be noted these demonic methodology transcends suicide, to cover the pantheon of Satan’s plan of temptation toward men.

As pertaining to suicide, the enemy’s lies seek to redefine what it means to be a living soul made in the image of God. It is for this reason the secular world pursues the worthless lie of evolution, searching for random explanation of the universe, when the proof of the Creator God is apparent in creation and in men made in His image (Romans 1:19-20). It is for this reason Satan has pushed the contradictory perversion of homosexuality; where in the name of “sexual freedom” and “love”, the partakers guarantee the extinction of the race for not engaging in the blessing of procreative sex (between one man and one woman). It is for this reason the Devil has pushed the lie of the after life being “a better place”, where a person is released of suffering and is granted “peace” without any accountability to God for their life on earth. This utter foolishness leads people to live hard and die young as they party on the “Highway to Hell” and it is the basis of so many countless people who murder themselves.

Related imageIn the new and evil T.V. series “13 REASONS WHY”, we can see how the lies remove responsibility from the perpetrator, in order to make a scape goat. The show’s plot centers on a high school girl who committed suicide; yet leaves messages for a former friend. These messages reveal all the people who failed and hurt her. These people are the 13 reasons she had to kill herself. Of course this creates sympathy for the self-killer, yet the real accountability is never addressed. In the show’s view, suicide is not the perpetrators fault, but the people who failed them.  Satan does not care to change people’s behavior to stop bullying, or being neglectful, or loving those who are hurting. This is the demonic lie. He is only interested in creating a pretext for more young people to off themselves, by giving them a champion of death to identify with. This is why we must blow the roof of the deception with God’s truth. What is the truth?

The enemy has been trying for millennia to redefine the image of God, so he can destroy it. He does this with passion and malignity because He cannot destroy God. Satan has learned the fastest way to destroy men made in God’s image is to deceive them into hating each other, by diminishing their God-given created worth; that they would kill with weapons, hands, words or whatever is convenient.

Make no mistake, when God destroyed all that lived on the earth because every imagination of the heart was continually evil (Genesis 6:5-6), it was murder that was rampant along with every other form of demonic machination. Therefore God declared, in covenant with Noah after the flood, that no man should take the life of another (Genesis 9:6). Therefore it is a sin to unlawfully take any man’s life, including our own, no matter what the demonic lie is put forth to justify it. No man is to destroy or alter the image of God, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:18). Therefore suicide is also the height of sinful hatred for God and hatred of self.

Let’s grab hold of thRelated imagee fact that life is filled with prattling demonic creatures, tempting us to kill ourselves and our relationship to God (in a million different ways). May we also pity the one who is battling depression and evil lies masquerading as “self talk”. These two santanic tools seek to deconstruct what the word of God declares about the precious nature the lives of men God. Instead of assigning mental illness, a hard life, or some physiological chemical imbalance (needing pharmakia), lets pray and seek the LORD Jesus that they would be set free. Satan’s desire and plan to destroy humanity and suicide is an extremely satisfying means for him to  accomplich his plan. Why? Because the one who kills themselves, perpatrates and act that will keep destroying others on the enemy’s behalf for generations.


To be so bold in declaring eternal judgment for self-murder is a risky proposition. I would agree, yet suicide’s prevalence demands that we warn the church of its sinful and destructive nature; commanding all to never perpetrate the act. This is often lost when a Christian commits suicide, as we are caught up with the question “Had they accepted Christ?” or “were they saved?”. Our answers to those questions are irrelevant, when considering the sinful mess left behind.

Consider the lack of faith and love displayed by the person and the sinful and sensual example their act leaves behind; not to mention all the questions. If we are uncomfortable consigning them a spot in eternal darkness, I understand. Should we also not be equally uncomfortable assigning them a home in heaven forever, based on a profession of hope in Christ they were not living out when they murdered themselves?

My suggestion: Let’s deal with what’s left behind. Consider once more Chris Cornell, whom we began our discussion with. This man had everything the world can give at the tips of his fingers; money, influence, worshiping fans adoring his every breath. Yet none of that was enough. He had a devoted wife and three beautiful children, yet even they were not enough for him to live. His death is an interesting commentary on the emptiness of what the world seeks for satisfaction. Can you hear the echoing words of Jesus “What does is profit a man to gain the whole world yet forfeit his own soul; and what would a man give in exchange for his soul” (Mark 8:36-37).


What is Chris Cornell’s legacy? It is not his music or the empty platitudes of other rebellious rockers or their fans. His legacy is a wife that blames herself for not being with him to save him from his sinful act. His legacy is a wife and children who will hear a bump in the night and not have his presence to protect them or tell them they are safe—a wife and children who will question what they did wrong that made him miserable enough to leave them—a wife and children who will question and wonder what was wrong with them, that he would not find comfort in their presence—children who will grow up thinking “Am I like him?”—children now with the makings of a generational sin, where Satan’s Kingdom will work through hate, doubt, and fear to perpetuate the destruction of their own lives made in the image of God.

Let this man’s death serve as a wake up call for the church in our land. Millions of lost men, women and children, are being lied to concerning who they are in relation to the Holy God of compassion. Night after night, day after day, they are immersed in the culture of death, spewed forth out of the mouth of hell. Will we show them the way to Life?

Or how about the problem the church has with suicide in America? Do some research friend, over the last 5 years I have seen so many reports of ministers killing themselves, I lost count. If this is happening among those who guard His flock, how many are potential in the flock?



About Michael J Erdel

Mike is a pastor with The Assembly of God Fellowship. He is the lead pastor at Encounter Church in Fostoria Ohio. His desire is to encourage the Church of Jesus Christ, and declare God's hope through His Son Jesus, to a world which is long on excuses and short on hope. Mike has experienced the truth that when we kneel before Christ, surrendering to Him as Savior and LORD, being led and empowered by His Spirit. To Jesus Christ be all glory and honor.
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