Why Walk on Eggshells with the Wicked?

Image result for walking on eggshellsI am not one to use this platform to argue political view points, as I do not believe that is the calling of men of God, or Christians in general. Yet, men of God and Christians are supposed to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them” (Ephesians 5:11). In light of this truth, let me attempt to do just that. I only request the reader refuse knee jerk reactions to what I have written, and deny the impulse to paint me as one who does not understand the world of geopolitical things.

More than I care to admit, I do understand that dark plane of humanity. Despite geopolitical realities, followers of Christ must refuse to justify fellowship with political entities within that dark plane. We must refuse hope, that those forces will represent our interests according to our world view. Consider the cohort of American pastors privy to the president as “spirutual advisers”.

One of the most vocal of the presidents supporters, declared a while ago he did not want a president that embodied the Sermon on the Mount. Wow! That statement is simply stupifyingly amazing! This pastor of a very large mega church does not want a president that is humble, mourns over sin, is meek (exercising power under God’s leading and control), who seeks to be righteous, is merciful, desires to be pure in heart, and has character producing peace. In other words, this pastor would rather have the spirit of Antichrist influencing the president.


Sorry if that seems harsh, but, alas it is true. Now I am not suggesting a president needs to be a walking, talking Jesus machine. But for a pastor to not desire a leader who is, at the very least, desiring the characteristics of Christ (as outlined in the Sermon on the Mount), is simply outrageous. Why is this man and others walking on eggshells with the wicked? Is it because he and others have proclaimed the president as converted and born again? Possibly, but where is the proverbial proof in the pudding (or more biblical, where is the fruit of repentance).

Just this last week the president admitted to knowing about a $130,000 payment to a porn actress, for the purpose of buying her silence concerning their “alleged affair”. His admission came after he “shucked and jived” concerning the affair and knowledge of the payment. Why is it that his grouping of “spiritual advisers” are not advising him to tell the truth, own up to his sin in true repentance and seek to work at building real trust with the American public he was elected to serve? Because those spiritual advisers care little for the man, so long as he gives them a bone or two, as they uncomfortably dance around his darkness and walk on eggshells with the wicked.

This is how men lose their anointing. Rather than being like Daniel, among pagan kings, speaking and living the truth without regard of consequence, they are simply another political lobby sucking up; looking for some possibility of favor. President Trump needs the Daniel model for his owns soul’s sake, as does our nation. Yet it most likely will continue as it is, while the voice of prophet is silenced among the corridors of power. But alas, this is the way of our government. I will include two examples of this below, not to cast aspersions, but to call you to prayer for true righteousness in each situation.


This past week brought about the release of three American citizens, of North Korean decent, being detained in that nation. It was relayed through the media, that the release of these men, was sort of a precondition of the up coming talks between Kim Jong Un and President Trump. In lieu of their release, which I rejoice in, what is the U. S. doing for the 30,000 (or more) North Korean Christians, still in captivity being tortured in the most barbaric ways? Why is not the most powerful nation on earth, demanding the release of them all, as a precondition? Are the president’s “spiritual advisers” suggesting their release as a precondition?

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One might say my questions are naive, but are they really? Would not a brutal wicked regime, wanting to engender trust, by showing true change in their disposition, by releasing their own brutally tortured citizens? If they are truly interest and not playing games… Absolutely!

The greater questions is why would anyone trust this nation honor any new agreement, when they continue to wickedly oppress and starve their own citizens? The truth is they cannot be trusted, but the U.S. will walk on eggshells with the wicked, in order to hopefully accomplish some form of their goals. My hope is that the President’s “spiritual advisers”, will pray and suggest a condition that is on behalf of those being destroyed daily, by the warped ideology of the North Korean government.

We followers of Jesus ought to press the “spiritual advisers” to speak boldly and prophetically on behalf of all Christians, not just the ones who are U.S. citizens. This truth cannot be understated, for all Christian lives are precious, whether in the U.S or outside. Consider the case of American pastor Andrew Brunson, imprisoned in Turkey for over two years without a fair trial, for no other purpose than political capital. Why has he yet to be released? Because the U.S. NATO alliance with Turkey, is more expedient to the U.S. government, than the freedom of its own falsely accused citizens. Why can’t our nation secure the release of one of our own innocent civilians imprisoned in an ally nation?

Because the U.S. is dance with darkness and walking on eggshells with the wicked. America is protecting an Islamic cleric (Fethullah Gülen), who was believed to be part of a coup attempt, which led to the false imprisonment of Andrew Brunson (Turkish tit’ for tat’). Turkey wants an exchange, the U.S. refuses to turn this man over. Why? Because his views are more in line with U.S. political policy. Therefore, an American citizen is being falsely imprisoned, with little hope of being released. We must stop whitewashing ugly facts and seek and pray that these policies end, or the United States shows itself no better than the despots it seeks to work with and through.


In another article found in the Christian post, we read of a most despicable crime against God and those created in His image. The link to the article follows (Hundreds of Dead Newborn Girls Dumped in Garbage Piles in Pakistan).

Over 300 dead baby girls were discovered on a trash heap in Pakistan, where boys are wanted more than girls. To a kill a baby girl is justified in this Muslim nation state. I literally wept when I read how two of these precious baby girls were killed and we can be sure that the number of babies slaughtered for the same reason numbers in the ten to hundred thousands in Pakistan; a brutal Muslim nation. Yet the U.S. dances with the darkness and walks on eggshells with the wicked. Should we expect anything less when in America hundreds of thousands of babies are killed each year, through government stipend abortions?

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In addition, let us remember that Pakistan, imprisons tens of thousands of Christians, for simply practicing their faith. One of those still imprisoned is Asia Bibi imprisoned for nine years and sentenced to death, for merely drinking from a fountain reserved for Muslims only.  In addition, let us not forget the thousands of Christians martyred over the last year, by Muslim mobs, never prosecuted by the Pakistani government. Once more our national government dances with darkness, while walking on eggshells with the wicked. Is it possible, we Christians are beginning to see that the United States is like all nations; a drop in the bucket (Isaiah 40:15).

Is it possible we will begin to entertain a more biblical worldview, that in the last days,all nations are aligned against God and His Christ (Psalm 2)? Is it possible we will see that our true nation is eternal in the heavens and coming with Christ upon His return (Hebrews 11:13-16; 12:18-24)?

Only when we choose those spiritual realites, can we walk as true servants of Christ, fit to “spiritually advise” the president. Until that time and when our true calling is displayed in the white house, those who are called “spiritual advisers” are at best a religious posse living off the prestige gained, by being around the powerful. At worst, they have sold their unction, for the purpose of gaining protection and provision, until another comes along making better promises.

Pray for those who have been given access to the corridors of power, that in trust of God, they will rise to the prophetic occasion of our day, regardless of the consequence.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in North Korea, as its more likely they will be left, forgotten and further tortured, after the “peace talks”  have concluded.

Pray for the beautiful bride of Christ in Pakistan, that God would endue her with power, love and endurance in the Holy Spirit, as persecution will only increase against their holy love for Christ. Pray for Asia Bibi; that our God and Father will strengthen her from within by His Spirit.

Pray that the United States would be truly remarkable and refuse to dance with darkness and walk on eggshells with the wicked for political expediency. Pray that president Trump will truly find godly sorrow, working repentance, leading to salvation (II Corinthians 7:10).

Pray and seek the Lord for yourself, for the purpose of preparing your heart for the times of persecution ordained for us (II Timothy 3:12). Pray that in those times to come, we will refuse the temptation to dance with darkness and walk on eggshells with the wicked.

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