“My Children, ESCAPE from Babylon!” [Conclusion]

At last we reach the final article in “My Children, ESCAPE from Babylon!”. We began at Babel and now finish up in the United States of America. Over the last few postings, we have debunked some of the popular myths of the founding of America, looked at its commercial, religious, military, and governmental influence worldwide. We have come to understand that America is the nerve center of the world’s economy and government and that no nation rivals its reach militarily.

(If you have not read my last post, you may want to stop and click this link first https://4rs4thechurch.com/2020/09/30/my-children-escape-from-babylon-rome-america-part-4/)

We have uncovered the masonic vision for what would come to be the United States of America, from Francis Bacon’s book “New Atlantis” and how influential this vision was on the founders of this nation. In looking at only a few of our national symbols (and there are multitudes more), we can see that the system of government was formed not from biblical texts, but as a syncretism of the Roman republican system and the democratic Greek city state systems.

Please understand, none of what I have written causes me anything but tears and grief. Though I want these things not to be true, they are.


When discussing this topic with the brethren, two common objections usually arise to America being end-times Babylon. The first is the objection  that the United States has sent more missionaries into the world than any other nation. Therefore, this indicates God’s special favor.

It may be true, that in the last 70 years or more missionaries have come from America than any other nation, but we must not be revisionist in our history; the church has been in existence for 2000 years. Are we sure we are the most prolific? For instance, do we really account for how many missionaries had been sent out from Europe over the last 1500 years? Or the Catholic church for that matter? They send missionaries as well, and all over the world.

This brings me to another point in this objection. The Catholic church is the largest missions sending organization in the world, yet they are not sending missionaries with the true gospel. In comparison, missionaries coming from America have been and are many, but in a nation with thousands of denominational divisions, are we always sending the faith once delivered to the saints, or our denominations version of it?

It is true that many have gone for the cause of Christ, but over the last forty years it is equally clear that missions to other nations from the church in America are increasingly exporting a version of the gospel that is more tainted with our Americanism, than it is the pure faith once delivered to the saints, in many cases.

Along the lines of this objection, let us also include in our mission’s numbers thousands of missionaries preaching heresy: Jehovah’s Witness, Mormonism, and prosperity Gospel.

The freedom afforded Christ’s Church to make a huge gospel impact upon the world’s lost population, has also afforded opportunity for the greatest sending forth of false gospel missionaries as well.

Let us also consider that the same civil rights afforded Christians to propagate the gospel, have also guaranteed the production of smut, in entertainment that has corrupted the U.S. population as well as the world. Therefore, this first objection breaks apart.  Christians in America would do well to remember that the United States Government does not send missionaries nor does the general rank and file of the American population; the Church of Jesus Christ does.

A second objection to America being the end-times Babylon is that the nation is more prosperous than any nation in the history of the world. This reveals God’s hand of blessing.

The abundance of material wealth is not always an indication of the blessing of God, but it is a hindering factor in relating to God often (read Genesis 15:1-2; Mark 10:17-27; I Timothy 6:9-11). When prosperity is sown into a nation, it becomes deadly, almost as a rule.

Ezekiel 16:48-50 (NKJV) “As I live,” says the Lord GOD, “neither your sister Sodom nor her daughters have done as you and your daughters have done. Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: She and her daughter had pride, fullness of food, and abundance of idleness; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty and committed abomination before Me; therefore I took them away as I saw fit.

Remember that at the time of O.T. Babylon’s height of power, they were the singular world power, and materially wealthy like no other.

The third objection arises that the United States is not mentioned by name in the prophetic writings, therefore it must be gone or irrelevant, when Babylon arises. This objection through silence does not fit in the least. Consider, that Rome was not mentioned by name in the O.T. writings of the prophets, but many have no doubt that they are alluded to in the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, in Daniel 2.

Rome is seen in the statue in the king’s dream with far less obvious characterization, than given of end-times Babylon, in the Book of Revelation. Despite that fact, at the time of the writing of Revelation, Rome would have been seen as Babylon by the first century saints, having lined up with the bible’s characterization.

Therefore, the objection of America not being named by name, as proof she is not end-times Babylon is debunked. Let us now turn to how Babylon rises.

End-times Babylon is chosen by God, just as the most prolific form of Babylon, under Nebuchadnezzar, was chosen by God. Below is a list of scripture revealing this truth.

Pin by Yahuchanan Yakazqa'al Yashra'a on HEBREW ISRAELITE KINGDOM in 2020 |  Book of revelation, Babylon, Revelation

  1. (Daniel 2:20-21) Daniel speaking in Babylon, declares that God raises up kings and puts them down.
  2. (Habakkuk 1:5-7) To the prophet’s dismay, the LORD reveals Babylon (the Chaldeans) to be His choice to correct Israel.
  3. (Jeremiah 25:6-9) The LORD declares King Nebuchadnezzar as “My Servant” to chasten Israel.
  4. (Jeremiah 28:14) The LORD declares He raised up Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar, for the purpose of humbling the nations.
  5. (Jeremiah 50 and 51) The LORD reveals He allowed the prosperity of Babylon, for the purpose of humbling nations and Israel. They were His “hammer over the whole earth”. These two chapters reveal Babylon was a golden cup in the LORD’s hand to make the nations, who rebel against Him, drunk. These chapters reveal Babylon’s economic, religious, cultural, and military dominance.

In the above passages, we see that Babylon was specifically chosen by God, and when their calling was complete, the LORD dealt with their arrogance, murder, pride, greed, and immorality. What we read in the above passages is also true of end-times Babylon, as revealed in Revelation 17 and 18. End-times Babylon is chosen by God to place a role.

Though it pains me to say, the United States fits every characteristic of end-times Babylon.

At the conclusion of the very beautifully written and researched book “The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist”, we read…

The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist by Douglas W.  Krieger

“The plain truth: No entity other than the U.S.A. can impose its will politically or commercially upon the entire planet—no nation exists which is beyond our conquest—in the highly unlikely event we decided to take that uncharacteristic action.

For the time being, America languishes as the sleeping giant swatting at flies. Twenty-five years ago, the economic disintegration and political demise of the former Soviet Union established America as the world’s sole surviving superpower. This hegemonic empire found herself the inheritor of all that exemplifies civilization, be it the high cultural expression of Egypt, the seductions of Sodom, the international trading empire of Phoenicia, the mystical religion of Babylon, and especially the organizational and military genius of Pax Romana.

From a military standpoint, America remains unchallenged by any singular State or alliance of nations. It has been termed the “New Roman Empire” some ten years ago by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin when unilateral and pre-emptive action against Iraq was pending… Furthermore, America has arguably waged her wars for the past half-century, more out of national interest than to diminish the threat of communism or to support the establishment of democratic freedoms in spite of socialist foes. When it came to halting racially or religiously-based genocide, America chose to intervene in the former Yugoslavia, but abstained in Rwanda and the Congo.

America remains the only power that has the capacity to make good on its political commitments while possessing the unquestioned military muscle necessary to carry the day.

This bashfully spoken and seldom overtly discussed agenda—protecting American interests, but freed from self-righteous rationalizations—has grown more pronounced over the past decade as the U.S. fought against “State-sponsored” terrorism, certainly in Iraq as well as in the war fought in Afghanistan. America’s overtly aggressive policy hides cloaked in the guise of what has been termed abstrusely as geo-political realism (a perspective suggesting we cannot wage war solely on the premise of differing values). Ultimately, it is motivated by what syndicated columnist Dr. Charles Krauthammer calls “Democratic Globalism”—”

Krieger, Douglas W.. The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist (pp. 307-308). Book Ministry. Kindle Edition.

“Looking at the superficial if not misdirected statements made by politicians today which ignore the real motives and activities driving geo-politics. Both political parties march to the same beat when it comes to leading the country down the path to Democratic Globalism. The goal of creating a New World Order, called for by President George Bush the Elder (exactly 11 years before 9/11),[220] smacked of the centuries old idealistic ambitions of Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and even occultic groups like the Theosophists. For the time being, devious tactics seem apparent in the form of a multi-tiered program of mass media disinformation conjoined with possible false flag operations designed to frighten the American public. But to what end?”

Krieger, Douglas W.. The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist (pp. 309-310). Book Ministry. Kindle Edition.

That is the question “But to what End?”

As we close, remember God’s call to flee from Babylon, it is our responsibility to discern what that commandment means, for we are closer to its fulfillment than ever before in history.

Revelation 18:4-5 (NKJV) And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.

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  1. Rick Humby says:

    Our God is sovereign and even in the chaos Jesus still and will always sit on the throne.
    Thank you my brother for sharing this timely message that the church needs to hear. We as the church need to wake up and be separate from the world and commit ourselves daily to the renewing of our mind and taking up our cross and following Jesus everyday. God Bless you my friend for God giving you the boldness to share this message.

  2. Bill King says:

    Unfortunately, some great truths.