“My Children, ESCAPE from Babylon!” [Rome/America? Part 4]

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Revelation 17:1-5 (NKJV) 

Over the course of our discussion concerning end-times Babylon, we have discovered it to be the last days one world government and religion, working together under the rule of the Antichrist. Our discussion has explored a few other possibilities searching for the likely identity of Babylon, if we are indeed living in the last days. Of those the most plausible are the European Union with a Roman Catholic Church as the one world religion. I write that they are plausible, but not likely, for neither have the economic clout, nor governmental and military control necessary in the end-times Babylon. 

We have discussed briefly the possibility of the roman Catholic Church serving a similar role, with the United States as the end-times Babylon, but that is not a necessary leap, because the United States already has a civil religion, believed by most Americans. The 1st Amendment to the constitution, in fact guarantees it, when it reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof”. 

If you doubt my assessment, hear from a democratic congressman Joe Manchin from West Virginia, concerning the questions of ones religion in the coming Supreme Court confirmation hearings… 

“No. We are who we are, how we were raised, where we were raised, and who raised us,” Manchin said. “That being said, whether you’re Catholic, whether you’re Protestant, whether you’re Jewish, evangelical, whatever it may be, God bless you. You worship who you want. You worship how you want. You worship the same God, all of us do.”

Manchin’s comments are what most in this nation believe concerning God, whether Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, Hindu, Jewish or moderate Islam.  One nation with many paths than lead to the same God, who is transcendent, but not imminent on His creation. This idea is foul to anyone who is a true follower of Jesus Christ, but this idea was sacred to the founding fathers of this nation and as we will discover is the very religious character of the end-times Babylon. Today we will explore why this is the case.


Without spending the next year itemizing how pervasive free masonry had been and is in the founding of the United States and its dominance in the world, we will take a birds eye view, and look to as many details as we can. My opinion for the possibility of America being the end-times Babylon, is founded on years of prayerful study of Revelation 16-18 and the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, as occasionally well times books, concerning topics related to free masonry, world religion and world and American history.

I would recommend two books helpful in understanding the founding of the nation and its founders: “Apollyon Rising” by Thomas Horn and “The Final Babylon, America and the Coming Antichrist” by Douglas Krieger, Dene McGriff and S. Douglass Woodward.

Many Americans, in error believe the first permanent settlement to be in Plymouth Massachusetts with the pilgrims. The first settlement of Jamestown Virginia, actually predates Henry Hudson’s discovery of Manhattan Island, by two years in 1607.

Key to the settlement of Jamestown was the Virginian Company organized and invested in by one Sir Francis Bacon. Bacon was both masonic and an occultist, who’s influence was almost synonymous among the founders, due to his 1626 book “New Atlantis”. In “New Atlantis” he envisions what will take place on the North American continent. Below is a quote from “The Final Babylon” concerning Bacon’s vision, none of which would exist for centuries.

It is to be a society described in Bacon’s prescient The New Atlantis whose structures reached to the heavens, wherein flying machines and weapons of mass destruction would be built (and incessant pleasures and entertainment abound). Bacon’s vision, if not a blueprint, has many remarkable dreams (some not so pleasant) that have come true, including the magnification of sounds and animal experimentation for the benefit of humanity.

Krieger, Douglas W.. The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist (p. 117). Book Ministry. Kindle Edition.

The reason this is important is that Bacon’s occult and masonic influence were foundational to George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. All three had ties to free masonry and aligned with Bacon’s view point of marrying (corrupting) Christianity and paganism, because all three were deists and among those called Rosicrucian. Though this sounds nefarious, it is none the less true, as we shall see later in this piece. 

Considering Bacon’s vision, can anyone disagree with the fact that America has risen with its buildings reaching the sky, flying machines filling the skies, incessant pleasure and entertainment abounding, and perhaps most chilling, that which place the United States at the head of nations: weapons of mass destruction (in being the only nation to unleash the atomic bomb on another nation).

In fact, the only two founders who were remotely what would be called “born again” Christian’s today, were John Jay and Alexander Hamilton, the latter having a penchant for duels; one of which would take his life.

Where we can see this influence best is in our national symbols, most of which are wholly pagan. Understanding this in light of America’s potential to be the end-times Babylon, is essential, because of the myth that the United States was chosen by God to be a New Testament Israel of sorts. Let’s begin.

This is why it is important we understand, that In the earliest designs of the seal, the first bird was not an eagle but the mythological “phoenix”; which signifies “the new world order” rising from the ashes of Atlantis, at least in the thinking of free masonry. The eagle also adds other nods to the masonic perspective with 32 feathers on the right wing signifying 32 degrees of ascendency in the Scottish right and 33 on the left wing corresponding with the 33rd degree for outstanding service. The 9 tail feathers also corresponded with the 9 degrees of the York right of masonry. For times sake we’ll skip over other problematic sections in the front of the Great Seal for the reverse of the seal is very disturbing for a nation that would be “Christian.”

Let’s begin with the “all seeing eye” on the uncompleted pyramid. This is significant and chilling, because it is not a Biblical idea of divinity. Let me repeat there is not one shred of Judeo-Christian symbolism in the pyramid or the “all seeing eye”.

The “all seeing eye” is that of Horus, the Egyptian deity, in fact there is no place in scripture where God is referred to with the “all-seeing eye”, although it speaks of “His eyes beholding”. Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris (same gods Nimrod, Semiramis and their son Tammuz).   In the Egyptian myth, Osiris is cut to pieces by his brother. Isis retrieves her husbands pieces, especially his manhood (the reason Egypt is filled with obelisks like the Washington monument) and is able to conceive Horus. This becomes very troubling for us considering the great seal.

The pyramid is the sacred burial chambers of the Egyptian gods, especially Osiris. The reason that the pyramid is uncapped, especially considering free masonry, is because Osiris must be raised to complete the new world order (“Novus Ordo Seclorum”). This idea has taken place on a particular day the United States, in a ritual meaning to bestow power on a particular person. During the inauguration of the president of the United States, the masons perform a “super ritual” to “Raise Osiris” into the president. This has been going on, since the beginning of the nation. All of this, in the seal takes place under the all seeing eye of Horus, who “approves of this undertaking” (annuit coeptis)

At this point, some of my readers may think I need to take off my tinfoil conspiracy hat, but in light of what you are about to discover, you may want to place one upon your head as well. Let’s consider “The Apotheosis of George Washington”.


If we are a Christian nation, why is our first president seated on a throne in heaven among the Roman gods Columbia (freedom), Minerva (crafts and wisdom), Neptune (god of the sea), Mercury (commence), Vulcan (fire forge weapons), Ceres (agriculture)? Because the designer of the painting, which is in the dome of the United States Capital, saw the revelations aided by these false deities. 

To take this a step further, the U.S. capitol itself is of a Roman design and that design is feminine, in that it represents a womb. In isolation, that may be meaningless, but west of the capital building is the Washington Monument. 

The Washington Monument is an Egyptian obelisk, or symbol of the male sex organ, which by the way measurers 6660 inches tall and 666.0 inches in width at its base. When the sun sets in the nations capitol, a shadow is cast in the dome of the Capitol building, a representation of the womb of Rome’s mother goddess.  

To take this just a step further, we see the Monument flanked to the west by the Reflecting Pool, which has for a motto “As it is above so it is below”, which is a masonic nod to sacred geometry. West of the pool is the Lincoln Memorial which is an actual replication of a Greek temple to Zeus, only to our 16th president. 

There has been much teaching concerning Antichrist coming from a revived Roman Empire in the Europe. At this time his is not plausible in continental Europe. It is plausible in America, which grew exponentially during the immigration boom of the late 1880’s through the midpoint of the 20th century in America.

Without exhausting you with more buildings having pagan meaning or design (there are plenty), or examining the masonic design of Washington D.C., it is enough to understand that American symbols definitely are in line with more than a few of the founders beliefs and the public persona of the nation. This is problematic for those who declare America founded on Judeo/Christian values, when there is no one overt national symbol or building that is overtly Christian, in it’s first capitol New York City or in Washington D.C. today. Given this context the 1st Amendment can be see for what it is.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”.

The founders of the United States did not use the Bible to make its governing documents. As reflected in our national symbols, they formed a syncretistic government, modeled in governance after a Roman Republic and it’s law from the Greek philosophical system.  Both function well, when held together with civil religion where many gods were welcome. We must remember that the motto of the U.S. until the early 1950’s was “E pluribus unum” meaning “out of many one”. 

This philosophy lines up well with the free masonry; remembering that free-masons are fine with the Bible, as one of their sacred texts, along with the Koran (Muslim), Dhammapada (Buddhist), The Gita (Hindu), The Zenda Avesta (Persian Zoroastrianism).

So how does this line up with America potentially being the end-times Babylon? Remember that Babylon is THE world power, which has influence through military, culture, economy and religion. Its religion appears united under the guise of one God, which is a generic term, allowing for all gods, under the Mother of all Harlots.

When we are unmoored from the myth that America’s was founded on Christian principals and to be a Christian nation, we can then exercise discernment concerning the call of the Lord to “Flee from Babylon”; a call to flee dependence upon its principals and practices.

We must remember that Babylon, like Israel, is chosen by God, but not for its own benevolence. That and more will be discussed in my concluding post on “My Children, ESCAPE from Babylon!”


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